About us

About us
Photo by Paul Hanaoka / Unsplash

Coinerella has been launched in early 2015 as a full service IT-Consultancy.
We specialize in IT-Consulting and Full-Stack Development for Android, iOS and the Web.

We go the extra mile for you

Our daily business lies in execution as well as maintenance.
We believe in specialization to achieve great things.
Our specialty is bringing things to life. Design, architecture or Product Management are integral parts of your success and should be in the hands of dedicated professionals. Over the years, we have formed a multitude of partnerships of which you can profit. That way, we're able to accept a lot of different work, regardless of the phase of your product.

Our Current Tech Stack

We strive to be masters in the areas, that can be of the most value to our customers.

Presently, we focus on using Flutter and Dart to make things happen cross-platform. We also have extensive experience with React for the web.

Worrying about databases? We usually don't. There are many options today that are cost-effective, fast and scalable to fit your needs.

Serverless is not another buzzword to us, as we have great experience in working with Cloudflare as a CDN- and Cloud Computing provider. We can help you with Cloudflare Workers, Pages, KV, CDN and many more products.

Get in touch

Come have a chat with us any time. [email protected]